Hot december in Moscow

Important events took place on December 11th, 2010 on Manezh Square in Moscow, the same evening the information was spread worldwide. Some of the Russian and world’s media were simply horrified, while others, with a healthy dose of cynicism, were rushed to clear it as a riot caused by football fans with the participation of some “mysterious” nationalist organizations. Shortly we will present our vision on these events.


A Russian guy, a football fan Yegor Sviridov, was shot four times and killed during a fight provoked by muslim thugs from Caucasus, at night in Moscow On December 6th. The murderer turned to be Aslan Cherkesov who’s now arrested. His accomplices are already cleared of all charges.

It’s important to recall that the similar case took place in the centre of Moscow on June 9th the same year. Also a football fan, 22-year old Yuriy Volkov was stabbed to death by Chechens. Murderers were put under a house arrest then eventually had run away and never found. Football fans and Russian people in general are afraid that the same will happen in Yegor Sviridov’s case and killers will stay unpunished.


On December 7th – the next day after the murder, a great number of people (Yegor’s widow was also there) gathered in front of the office of the public prosecutor that runs the investigation, demanding the authorities a fair punishment for murderers. After the senseless waiting for an investigator, a crowd of thousand people moved toward one of the biggest district in Moscow – Leningrad Avenue and blocked traffic for about 40-45 minutes. Young men were marching on the street shouting: “Your children will pay for this murder!” and “Russia for Russians!” The arrived OMON (riot police) didn’t take any action and the march ended peacefully.

Soon after, the information about a memorial action on December 11th, dedicated to Yegor Sviridov’s death was spread all over the internet.


December 11th: At 12 o’clock a great number of people has started gathering on the place of Yegor’s death. They were silently marching the long district from the metro station to the place of murder – a bus stop that became itself a memorial. The entire stop was hung with football scarves of different clubs, laid with flowers and firing candles, in the middle – Yegor’s portrait. Also there was a Black-Gold-White Russian Imperial flag that, today, signifies Russian nationalist movement. Over 10 000 people of different ages and positions came to pay tribute to Yegor.

At about 3 to 4 pm the square started filling up with people. Let’s recall, that it’s in the heart of Moscow and just in few steps from Kremlin.

According to official reports there were about 50.000 men. As it was repeatedly reported, the Revolt started with a beating of several muslim youngsters, that were having good time, as usually, not far from a square. They were successfully attacked, then saved and hid by the police in the ambulance cars. What happened next is already described by media, so we will go straight ahead and share what is missed.

According to many participants, what was happening there had the character and spirit of a small “Russian revolt”. Representatives of the fan community felt themselves not as fans of their favorite club, no matter whether they belonged to “Spartak” , “CSKA” or “Zenit”, that day they were all just Russians united to protect themselves, their relatives and their country, from the insolence and audacity of muslim invaders and their kremlins protectors.
The authorities tried to present the events as a provocation of nationalist organizations.

The MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) leadership and “Russian football union” representatives in their statements underlined that Saturday clashes in central Moscow originally provoked by members of nationalist organizations and have nothing to do with football fans. Indeed, some leaders of such organizations were hanging in the rearguard, but they didn’t take any significant part in the event, though today on their internet sources they report that hungered of their followers participated in the clash on the Manezh square. It’s quite possible we will soon hear that they were even leading the action…

From the inside:

…Being still under impression of a white unity of a memorial, with comrades, we arrived to the Manege Square, where we experienced a feeling of even greater enthusiasm. In heart of our capital we have seen thousands and thousands nationally-minded Russian people – a privilege, “thanks” to jewesh-bolshevik illegal regime, we have lost a very long time ago and, certainly, didn’t expect such scales. Myriad of Aryan people with arms raised upward. Fire torches unstoppably flying to the riot police, we’re hearing shots and fireworks explosions (unfortunately not grenades), the area is completely enveloped by smoke – it’s beautiful! Bottles, iron trash cans, metal fencings even fragments of a giant Christmas tree were thrown at OMON. The people were all shouting illegal slogans, which were quite popular in 90s, like: “Hey you! Get the fuck out of here! Russia for Russian! Moscow for Muscovites!”, “One for All! and All for One!”, “Fuck Caucasus, Fuck!” and fighting with riot police that, this time, didn’t really look to inspired by their duties. But the principle thing was a spirit, a feeling to be part of historical events. Moscow has not seen such actions since 1993 year.

The tricky A.C.A.B. authorities found the right tactic – “rebels” were rounded up by couple lines of riot police and special internal forces.

We took defensive position with iron fences, waiting for attack. Hour has passed in the frozen cold then second hour…meanwhile crowd was shouting: “OMONs are Russian people traitors!”, “One for All and All for one!” etc.
Unprecedented for such events was an arriving of a Moscow police headquarters general Kolokoltsev accompanied by the commander of the Moscow riot police general Khaustov and couple of other “important” people. The general have long mumbled something into his megaphone, and it became clear that the attack won’t take place. Already the fact that police authorities of such level started to negotiate with enraged nationalist crowd means their tactical defeat.

With feeling of partial victory chanting: “Russians, go ahead!” all of us moved toward the metro. On the way we were joyfully welcomed by simple citizens and even by police officers that were shaking hands with the marching nationalists, one captain shouted : “Right on guys!”

We got into the metro and continued our way causing a lot of “inconveniences” to our “dear visitors” which were carelessly on the way. Mountain monkeys that were getting off the train instantly became prey to delighted patriots. “Your children will pay for this murder” – we were screaming. All the next things, as the saying goes, were only a “technical matter”. According to official media reports there were lethal cases.

We are convinced in that it’s only a small beginning of future processes. White Russian people are starting to come out of hibernation. Hail Victory!


Events on December 11th in Moscow had nature of spontaneous popular protest.

Events on December 11th had, pointed, non-party character, and were closer to spirit of autonomous Nationalists actions.

Events on December 11th weren’t a performance caused by football hooligans-only as Russian and worldwide media wants to present.

Events on December 11th were certainly nationalistic, where participants were fully aware of it, chanting: “Russians, Go Ahead!” and “Russia for Russians!”.

By Eugen & Max, special for from Moscow.

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