DNF party

Saturday the 1. of June, the Danish National Front (DNF) hosted a meeting at Amager

The meeting started at 6 pm. and in addition to the familiar faces of the current DNF-members consisted of visitors from Sweden and Germany and several new members.
After the crowd had the opportunity to provide themselves with drinks, mingle and discuss the curent state of the world, dinner was served at 7 pm.

Current state of affairs.

A member of the leadergroup spoke about the events which have transpired since the last party in March.
Among other topics, the activism which has been performed in Copenhagen and the Northern Sealand, the new stickers and flyers was highlighted.
It was stressed that it is important that we all are active, and that we independently start organizing ourselves to further our cause.

At the anti-mosque demonstrationen last weekend at Rådhuspladsen (Copenhagen Townhall Square) we participated 15 men strong.
Approxinately 650 personer, non related to DNF, had announced on Facebook that they would participate in the demonstration, but when we arrived at Rådhuspladsen it was obvious that only a few people were there, and had chosen to participate in the demonstartion. As we were the largest group, we are today very happy with the effect to which we marked our opposition to building of mosques that day, and the fact that we had the opportunity to openly express our opinions towards the various pro-Muslim groups.

Our website will from now on publish a new article with relevant information about once week. Additionaly our Facebook group has gotten 200 “likes”, which is a good start, and our first member magazine was reveiled. DNF members have also been present at a national concert in Ukraine, and other excursions has already been planned to other national events.

It was mentioned that we lately have been interviewed by various media and a group of students.
Finally the plans for DNF for the next few months were discussed.

Dinner and party

After the speech, the food was served, the menu was fried pork with boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes and parsley sauce. The food tasted very good and the nationals ate well.

After dinner, national music was played on the stereo, the bar was reopened and one could buy books, stickers, and other items from a sales stall.

Later, the new national band, Legion dänemark, provided the entertainment and warmed up the crowd with a concert which started
at 21 o’clock. The band played familiar songs in English, Danish and German and their show was a great part of the party.
Later in the evening there were performances on acoustic guitar and the singing of well-known national songs.

Around midnight, people began to retreat into town, or go home after a very successful party.