Bound For Glory – UglyAmericans
Blue Max – CanYouHereUs
Brutal Attack – Blood of Our Kin
Brutal Attack – Are You Coming With Us
Bully Boys – Superstar
DMF – Someonesgonnadie
Johnny Rebel – For Segregationists Only – Federal aid
Hassgesang – Final Fight
Fahrende Musikanten
Kategorie C – den Weg frei
Kategorie C – VollKontakt – 08 – Staatsfeinr Nr. 1
Kill baby kill – give it back
Razors Edge – Blood On Their Hands – 01 – First Of Tomorrow
Landser – Ran an den Feind – 04 – OLE
Landser – Das neue Lied
Act of Violence – Gott der Germanen‏
Act Of Violence – Veritas – When Germany Goes Down‏
Aksel Schiøtz – Der er et yndigt land.‏
Kill Baby. Kill! – A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash cover)‏
Kong Christian (Royal Danish Anthem) song and lyric‏
Saga – Ode To A Dying People‏
Skrewdriver- Back With A Bang‏
Svensk Ungdom – Frågor till far‏
Ultima Thule – My Fatherland‏
Danmarks Jord‏